Jigar Panchal

Partner / Tech Director


Every brand has stories to tell — stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And I tend to become that conduit between the brand and consumer.

I build highly potent sales and business development strategies that produce results, focus, and impact. Bolstered by nearly one and a half-decade of experience with a majority of it leading various teams, I help companies to grow their brand, recognition, effectiveness and profit with turn key approach to build mobile and web solutions.

My success is driven by my ability to connect easily with passionate people at all levels, motivating the teams across the board to achieve higher consistency levels and succeed while creating trust, value, and confidence.


The engaging sales team for a winning blend of business development, industry insight, team leadership, client relationship management, and communications acumen. Skilled in Business Strategy, Operational Efficiency, Strategic Innovation, Business Consulting, and Design-Led Thinking.

Leverage a unique mix of visionary insights, strategic goals, razor-sharp execution by blending technology, automation, and operational expertise to drive constant innovation, adaptability by aligning talent and efforts in the right direction.

Passionate about User Experience and Design. A strong believer in result-oriented actions and driven by focus and simplicity.


Presently leading all facets of Sales and Marketing for driving turn-key revenue growth with higher margins.

An influencing team player with the ability to create a higher immediate impact by driving skill and talent in the right direction.

Build strong and long-term relationships as one of the leading software services providers.