Kathleen Martinez


“In a startup, one must understand if you’re solving the right problems and if you’re solving it with the right team. When you have done it right, execute the plan before someone else builds your dream .”

I’m passionate about tech and developing a business. I’m a product of my career success and I’m confident but I always emphasize leadership as a shared activity and I am actively seeking advice from others. I believe that professional experience and big ideas are just two factors that can make a startup but having a great team, staying focus, and managing risk will execute the plan.

I have a professional background in legal and financial technology. In 2010-2016, I studied for Bachelors in Business and Law in Singapore, and in 2019, I obtained an MBA in Sydney Business School through an international school in Singapore. In 2021, I studied a continuing education in Certificate in Financial Markets & Trading at Yale University online. I value high education and I don’t define my intellect based on holding a certificate. I believe that running a startup nowadays is not just about being “street smart”. If you are not as genius as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, it is risky to rely on common sense. You need a solid foundation to kick start in business and education is a good start. By having many years of business experience, I learned to understand how a company can generate multi-millions revenue and how it can fail from making bad decisions and partnering with unreliable people. I also understand that when performance is measured, it improves. Therefore, I build the vision and mission behind our company and I share it with our team.

At SVC, I evaluate problem-solving and risk management. I decide on a strategic direction for our company and I enjoy working with our team. My approach is always how may I help and how I can be involved? Building a startup is all about teamwork. My goal is to help startups from developing countries break the barrier in investment because it is not where you come from, the level of education of you obtain, the colour of your skin, or the language you speak. It is becoming the best that you can be in business.

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