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Mompreneurs: Starting A Small Business Being a Full-time Mom

  • By Joycemonteverde
  • October 28, 2021

A higher number of mom entrepreneurs rose since the pandemic hit. Not only does it make them feel that they can cope with the isolation due to health restrictions, other moms who chose to be full-time at home also start their small businesses to help sustain the needs of their family, and at the same time, earn while enjoying their passion. Though the idea of having a business while caring for your kids sounds tough, you can still work on it if you really want to. They say that parents as an aspiring entrepreneur have their pros because they tend to have more patience and strategies in dealing with ups and downs in which they can apply when starting or running a business. As one of those moms, starting a small business with toddlers (ages 5, 4, and 2) is a total battle.

In starting a small business at the comfort of your home, there are things to consider to maximize your time in a day for your business, for your kids, and the family. So, I wanted to share with you the things that I’m doing as a mompreneur and a full-time mother, that might help if you are starting your own business.

1. Make sure that your business type is child-friendly.

Choose a business that you can manage based on your likes and hobbies that cannot be dangerous for your kids. Since I run an online thrift store, the accessories, mannequins, and stockpiles are attractive for them. I ensure that the clothing racks, steam iron, pins, and other accessories are out of their reach. We all know that kids are curious about everything new to their eyes.

2. Set up your business space.

It can be one of the corners in your house, somewhere in the kitchen, the garage, a spare room or if you have a limited area, have a table of your own so that you can focus while still being at your kids’ sight. Make it look like the kids can tell that “That’s mommy’s business.” Also, the important thing is to have a space for your kids, too. They would also love to learn just by watching you. 

3. Set a date to work out your business papers.

This is one of the important things in setting up your small business. Filing your legal paperwork can guarantee that you are legit and that you know your rights and responsibilities as a business owner.

4. Planning is everything.

Planning meals, kids’ studies, activities, and playtime. For new moms, this might be one of the challenging things because you are still on the ride in getting to know your child’s sleep pattern ( for newborn babies to toddlers). There are instances that you really cannot follow what’s written on your schedule but that’s fine. We moms are flexible, right?

If you are nursing, breast pumps are your best friend. The flexibility and mobility that you need as a mompreneur becomes balanced without skipping your baby’s breastmilk feeding.

Sticky notes at the fridge and alarms are the best thing!

5. Invest in things that can make your daily life easier.

Take advantage of all the helpful apps and smart technology tools that can make tasks easier for you as a parent and a mompreneur.

Make sure you have your washer, breast pump, baby or kids monitor, your Netflix for their TV time, a stable internet provider, your pc or laptop and an iPad or tablet. 

For your business, handling tasks like answering inquiries can also take a lot of time from your household schedule. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are handy to be your smart assistant. You can also consider hiring a part=time VA to check and manage your social media platforms. 

6. Have your Support System

You don’t have to do all the chores at home or as a mompreneur. Before starting your small business, you also have to consider the things that you can and cannot manage at the same time in a day. It is okay to ask for a helping hand. When it comes to child care, I am very much grateful to my sisters each time I ask them to watch for the kids for an hour or half a day so that I can continue with the tasks that I need to focus on. 

Finding a reliable babysitter is also an option if you don’t have immediate friends or family to babysit. When it comes to your business, you can hire part-timers to help you manage your social media, email campaigns and inquiries. 

Last but not least,

7. Stay healthy.

Yes, momma! You have to stay healthy and don’t ever think about cheating with your rest time. Rest if you could. Exercise or yoga with your kids is a must as it can make your bond healthier. Finish your coffee. Take a shower. Eat some treats. Eat on time. Never skip your skincare routine and sleep if you must. 

Starting a small business and being a full-time mother is possible. Yes, momma. You can! It just requires preparation and organization. 

Let me know if you have things to add so that others can learn from you, too!

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