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Tips for working at home

  • By startup_admin
  • July 5, 2021

This one goes out to all the women and mama-bear hustlers out there. I wanted to share some tips on time management and organization. Hopefully, this helps any aspiring boss woman.

So, asides from working with this amazing company, I’m a full-time mum to a 7-month-old baby girl. My career was always my priority until the little one arrived, and adjusting to and balancing the new role was hard. Before being a mother, I’d always been really good at planning out my day. I was ALWAYS on top of things (procrastinating who?)u0021 However, when you have a little one, you can’t really foresee what’s going to happen each day. Here are a few things I set up to help myself be efficient:

1. Map out all your tasks. I usually know what my tasks are at the start of the week so I distribute them as needed. I note down which ones are (a) important and time-sensitive (b) important but not urgent and, (c) flexible. I also organize things by day and by week so I can backtrack if I’ve already done everything. For example, I’ll set up task A to be done within the first quarter of the day, etc. This helps me prioritize which tasks I need to attend to first just so that my mind doesn’t go crazy hopping from task to task.

2. Set goals. It’s so important to set realistic goals for yourself. By setting goals, you motivate yourself to do better. You also feel a sense of fulfillment and pride once you reach your goals so, in the long run, it helps you be more productive.

3. Make sure you have everything you need when you’re working. We all need different things to boost our mood and productivity when we work. For me, I just need sticky notes reminding me of what I need to do or how I can do things. For others, it might be a cup of coffee or the perfect Spotify playlist. Do what works for youu0021 Just don’t forget – you need to have all your actual work equipment ready too.

4. Reward yourself. Had a productive day? Reward yourself with some baby cuddles or chocolateu0021 Finished a tiring task? Reward yourself with a coffee break or even just a mental break. You deserve to reward yourself after hustling all day.

Written by: Yasmine Stones
Marketing Executive

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