Yasmine Stone

Marketing Executive

I’m English based in the Philippines and a member of the small but mighty people operations team at SVC. I’m an experienced customer service manager who holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies. I have people skills, empathy, a willingness to serve, multi-tasking, and the ability to delegate and solve complex problems. I help the company develop brand awareness and online reputation. Part of my job as well as content management includes social media.

I’m an easy-going person and let life surprise me. I think working in a startup is fun because you get exposed to many raw ideas, products, and services. It’s also so great to be a part of something from the start and watch it mature (which I’m definitely looking forward to!).

Technology is such a convenient tool nowadays. It helps us find what we need as well as the means to get it, whether it be information or a product. I don’t even need to go to a physical store to buy food or clothes, thanks to the latest innovations that technology has given us. Being in this amazing team allows me to expose myself to a field that I can see myself learning a lot from. I’m super excited to be a part of this!

At SVC, I’m passionate about customer relations and on top of that, I enjoy working from home and being a mum of an adorable boy. And underneath it all, I’m just a woman living in the moment and inspired.